Warranty & Installer Reimbursement

Our Revolutionary 20:20 Commercial Warranty:
PV Powered has always included an industry leading 10-year standard warranty with all their commercial inverters sold anywhere in the US and Canada. Now PV Powered raises the bar again by offering an option to extend the standard 10-year warranty to a full 20 years for just 20% of the original sales price. Ask for the 20/20 Warranty the next time you buy a commercial inverter.
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Our Standard 10 Year Commercial Warranty:
Our industry’s best 10-year, nationwide warranty you’re well acquainted with through our residential program was the backbone to our commercial product warranty structure. The same service, response, and reliability you expect when purchasing a PV Powered inverter is also the standard in our commercial product line.
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Our 10 Year Residential Nationwide Warranty:
Our products have been covered since our first day in business with the industry’s best warranty. There are no special club memberships, sales volumes to achieve or fine print that you need your lawyer to read. Just like our inverters… it is simple. For ten years from the time of installation our inverters are covered. If you have a problem our field service team will either repair it on site or we will issue an RMA replacement and well compensate you for the time it will take to install it.
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Our Installer Residential RMA Reimbursement Policy:
We understand that RMA replacements cost you time and money. We believe our industry-leading reliability on our current residential inverters will ensure that you won’t spend much time supporting our inverters after the sale.
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Our Commitment to Quality & Reliability:
We believe and our field testing has validated that we make the most reliable inverter in the industry. PV Powered inverters offer a simple, three-pronged approach to long-term reliability.

Simple, proven architecture — All PV Powered inverters, large and small, residential and commercial, are based on the same simple, scalable, modular architecture and have passed Underwriter Laboratories' most rigorous test standards.

Minimal failure points — The more circuit boards and discrete components, the higher the risk of failure over time. By having significantly fewer and highly integrated components compared to hundreds of discrete components used in other inverter brands, PV Powered diminishes potential component-level failures right at the source.

Highest quality components — Fewer components means that those used can be of a much higher quality. All PV Powered inverters incorporate Application-Specific Integrated Power Modules (ASIPMs) with self-protecting, fifth-generation insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) silicon components and built-in fault protection for over-current and over-voltage surges.

So, when you’re choosing the right inverter for your next installation, consider the power fluctuations that threaten system reliability and your reputation then remember the layers of protection PV Powered designs into each system we make. Reliable products you can count on. It’s simple.