IntelliString™ Smart Combiner Box

Quality, Accuracy and Ease of Installation

PV Powered makes string combiner monitoring easy and affordable with the new IntelliString™ line of smart string combiner boxes. Installer friendly features including touch safe fuses, solid busbar and bridge punched back panels assure that this smart string combiner box will install quickly and last the life of the PV system. String current monitoring is enabled by the integrated DC Solar Current Monitor from Obvius. The Obvius DC Solar Current Monitor was selected for its robust and easy to use design, modbus output and built-in user settable alarming functions which simplify data collection and reporting.

String-level performance data is a valuable tool for PV system owners because it enables fast diagnosis of PV system underperformance due to failed modules, shading or soiling. Until now this important tool was primarily used on large expensive systems due to the high cost of monitoring at the string level. Now the IntelliString™ line of smart string combiner boxes offer a solution that is practical and affordable enough to use on all commercial installations.


IntelliString™ Features

• 8 string and 16 string versions
• NEMA 4X fiberglass enclosure
• Powder-coated back pan with integrated wire management
• Solid busbar eliminates messy wiring to fuse blocks
• Monitor up to 20A per string
• Uses standard modbus communications protocol
• UL1741 listed

Benefits of Inverter-Integrated Performance Monitoring

• Simplifies the monitoring selection and configuration process without limiting the customer’s choices
• Factory testing of the integrated solution expedites commissioning and reduces complexity
• Fewer enclosures, less wiring, less conduit and less field labor mean lower installed cost and less space required
• Leverages the data from inverter sensors and CT’s to save even more money and space
• Tight coordination between monitoring partners and PV Powered improves the service and support experience

IntelliString Specifications