PV Powered PowerVault™

The Turnkey DC-to-Medium Voltage Building Block for MW-Scale Projects
PVP 260kw Commercial Inverter The PowerVault™ from PV Powered is a fully integrated power conversion solution for MW-scale PV projects that accepts PV DC inputs and provides medium voltage AC output. The PowerVault is built around PV Powered’s line of commercial inverters which offer exceptional reliability and 20+ year operating life. The PowerVault also offers industry-leading efficiency and the widest MPPT input range of any commercial inverter in the industry. This combination of reliability, long life, and maximized energy harvest makes the PowerVault the right choice to maximize return on investment in a MW-scale PV system.

The enclosure is certified to UL QRNZ for walk-in electrical equipment, and houses the inverters, distribution switchboard, and low voltage service power panel. The transformer with integrated medium-voltage switch is a compact and cost-effective choice that enables low-cost loop-feed installations and minimizes the need for individual pieces of medium- voltage switchgear. The flexible design offers several configuration options to meet local utility requirements and installation preferences.

PV Powered backs all its commercial inverters with an industry-leading 10-year nationwide warranty, an unprecedented optional 20-year warranty, and the most responsive and experienced service and support team in the business.

System Features

Superior Reliability
• Low inverter-parts count reduces potential failure points
• Redundant cooling system with Smart Air Management™
• Card-cage circuitboard system minimizes electronic interconnections and enables fast service
• Factory pre-wired and tested, reducing potential for field errors
• Up to four inverters for increased redundancy

Significant Financial Benefits
• Factory installation and wiring greatly reduce field labor
• Pier-mount skid installation reduces pad costs and simplifies conduit entry
• High efficiency and long service life maximize energy harvest every day for 20+ years
• Integrated solution reduces project engineering costs, and shortens project construction cycle
• Protected from vandalism without additional fencing or other on-site construction