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PV Powered Announces PowerVault™ The Turnkey DC-to-Medium Voltage Platform for MW-Scale Solar Projects

Bend, ORE - October 20, 2009

PV Powered, Inc., the industry innovation leader in solar inverter reliability, performance, installability, and serviceability, today announces PowerVault™, a turn-key and fully customizable DC-to-medium voltage platform that provides significant cost savings in multi-megawatt solar installations.

PowerVault is a fully-engineered and factory assembled inverter power plant with DC inputs on one side and medium voltage outputs on the other. The inverters, switchboard and monitoring system are housed in an enclosure that is listed to UL QRNZ for walk-in electrical equipment. The medium voltage transformer with a cost-saving integrated loop feed switch is mounted on the outdoor portion of the skid. The conduit-ready pier-mount configuration saves installation time and eliminates tens-of-thousands of dollars in engineering design, site preparation and installation costs for commercial and utility customers.

The PowerVault platform offers a variety of configurations designed around the 97% efficient PVP260kW inverter. With the benefit of a 20-year operating life and the highest inverter reliability in the industry, this MW-scale power plant offers the reliability and redundancy needed to ensure uptime in large solar power systems.

As with PV Powered’s standalone 260kW commercial inverters, the PowerVault has a standard 295VDC minimum MPPT and an optional full-power 265VDC minimum MPPT- the lowest MPPT voltage of any commercial inverter in the industry. This makes the PowerVault ideal for use in the North American market and for getting the most power out of the new lower-cost thin-film solar arrays.

“The PowerVault provides a new level of efficiency and reliability for utility-scale solar power applications,” said Gregg Patterson, PV Powered CEO. “But what is really attractive to large solar installations are the financial benefits they can get by using a factory integrated, tested and configurable solution that eliminates significant field labor costs.”

With first customer shipments being made this quarter, the PowerVault platform is backed by an industry leading 10-yr nationwide warranty and an unprecedented optional 20-yr warranty. In addition, PV Powered offers experienced design assistance for multi-MW systems.

About PV Powered

PV Powered is the innovation leader for grid-tied PV inverters in the residential, commercial and utility markets, setting the industry standard for innovation in reliability and efficiency. Founded in Bend, Oregon in 2003 and privately owned, the company brings together one of the most experienced design teams in solar power electronics.

PV Powered was recently selected to receive a Stage 2 award under the Solar Energy Grid Integration System (SEGIS) program by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). The company is leading a team of recognized distributed energy and smart grid partners in developing innovations that increase energy harvest, reduce the cost of PV systems, and remove barriers to high levels of PV grid penetration.

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