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PV Powered Hires Dr. Michael Fife to Direct Reliability Programs
New Director of Reliability brings mission-critical aerospace electronics experience to the solar industry

Bend, ORE - November 28, 2007

Solar power equipment manufacturer PV Powered, Inc. announces the addition of Michael Fife, Ph.D., to the new position of Director of Reliability. Dr. Fife brings more than twelve years of experience in technology development and failure analysis, and will be instrumental in PV Powered's program to deliver the first inverter with a 20 year operating life. Dr. Fife's addition is the latest proof point in PV Powered's commitment to design, build, and support the most reliable solar inverters in the industry.

"Mike has built a career in the field of reliability engineering in industries where failure is simply not an option due to the potential for loss of life or the significant financial impact of critical system outages," said Dr. Steve Hummel, PV Powered Vice President of Engineering. "He has the vision and technical experience to drive our engineering disciplines from the earliest stages of development and innovation all the way through long-term support of installed products."

Most recently, Dr. Fife was managing engineer at Exponent, Inc. (formerly Failure Analysis Associates) of Menlo Park, CA., an engineering consulting firm specializing in solving engineering problems for Fortune 500 companies, public utilities, insurers, industry groups, and government agencies.

At Exponent, Dr. Fife was involved in a number of high-profile product failure investigations. In one notable project, he led the successful failure analysis of critical solar array components for a major spacecraft manufacturer. After determining the failure mode, Dr. Fife designed an innovative accelerated test system that allowed the customer to perform qualification and acceptance testing of their parts at over 10 times the previous rate.

Prior to joining Exponent, Dr. Fife led technical activities at the Air Force Research Laboratory Electric Propulsion Group, where he oversaw the design, development, and qualification testing of electric propulsion systems for Air Force space missions, including the development and qualification testing of a 4.5kW electric space thruster system and its associated power electronics. Prior to working for the Air Force, Fife was an aerospace engineer for the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center where he specialized in development of fault tolerant flight instrumentation and flight software.

Dr. Fife is a licensed professional engineer and holds a Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is widely published in physics and aerospace journals, with groundbreaking articles on topics such as prediction of spacecraft lifetimes based on environmental and systems effects.

"Part of ensuring that our customers get the maximum energy harvest from our inverters is clearly demonstrating that our products deliver the highest reliability and the longest operating life," said Gregg Patterson, PV Powered CEO. "With Mike's proven leadership, we will design, build, and ship solar inverters that redefine the standards of reliability and uptime in our industry."

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