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PV Powered Introduces the IntelliString™ Line of Smart Combiner Boxes
Simple, accurate and easy-to-use solution makes string-level monitoring practical and affordable.

Bend, ORE - January 28, 2009

PV Powered, the leader in grid-tied solar inverter reliability, installability and serviceability, announces immediate availability of the IntelliString™ line of smart string combiner boxes.

The IntelliString™ smart string combiner box was developed to provide PV system integrators with a reliable and easy way to implement string monitoring that is affordable enough to use on every commercial PV system. String-level performance data is a valuable tool for PV system owners because it enables the quick diagnosis of system-level underperformance due to failed modules, shading or soiling. Until now this important tool was primarily used on large expensive systems due to the high cost of string-level monitoring hardware and the complexity of the installation process.

PV Powered has selected the Obvius DC Solar Current Monitor to enable the smart string current monitoring. The Obvius DC Solar Current Monitor was chosen for its robust and easy-to-use design, Modbus output, and built-in user-selectable alarming functions which simplify data collection and reporting.

“My first smart string combiner installation was remarkably smooth,” said Kyle Bolger of SREC Solar. “The IntelliString™ product is well designed and PV Powered’s documentation and technical support are outstanding.”

The IntelliString™ smart string combiner boxes are offered in both 8-string and 16-string versions. The products are UL1741-listed and have many installer-friendly features including touch-safe fuse blocks, a NEMA 4X fiberglass enclosure and powder coated back pan with integrated wire management. The IntelliString™ uses the industry-standard Modbus communications protocol which makes it plug-and-play compatible with PV Powered’s third party data monitoring partners including Fat Spaniel, Energy Recommerce and Draker Labs. The IntelliString™ is also compatible with other Modbus gateway devices and can quickly be installed on customized Modbus networks.

“We are excited to provide our partners with a valuable new tool that aligns with our overall strategy of increasing energy harvest and decreasing downtime,” said Erick Petersen, VP of Sales and Marketing at PV Powered. “Access to string-level performance data should be easy and affordable for everyone, and this product takes a big step in that direction.”

About PV Powered

Founded in 2003 and based in Bend, Oregon, PV Powered is the largest US-based manufacturer of grid-tied solar power inverter technology. Designed for highest reliability and manufactured in the U.S.A., PV Powered products are UL Listed, and have the highest efficiency ratings in the solar market today. With thousands of its products in use nationwide, PV Powered combines one of the most experienced design teams in solar power electronics with a commitment to superior service and support. For more information, call 1-541-312-3832 or visit

About Obvius

Founded in 2001, and based in Portland, Oregon, Obvius is a recognized leader of cost-effective hardware solutions for gathering energy information, including wireless Modbus & cellular communications. Our focus on "plug & play" connectivity simplifies set-up and installation. All Obvius products are manufactured in the USA to ensure quality & performance and distributed worldwide. For more information, see

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