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CEC Adopts New Testing Protocol
April 1, 2005

The California Energy Commission (CEC) revamped the testing requirements for inverters on January 19, 2005. The test called for more than six thousand data points to be collected for each inverter listed. Manufacturers chose one of three approved nationally recognized testing laboratories (NRTLs) to oversee the test procedures, data collection, and reporting. PV Powered commends the CEC for spearheading these tests in an effort to continuously improve the California rebate incentive program and for taking measures to ensure that renewable energy systems are only installed by highly qualified installation companies using only the very best renewable energy products available today.

While rebates prior to March 31, 2005 were based on an inverter's peak efficiency at 75% AC power input tested at 25C, the new test has two components, weighted efficiency and continuous power output. The new efficiency number is a weighted average efficiency based on the inverter's performance at 10%, 20%, 30%, 50%, 75%, and 100% AC power output at 25C. The continuous power output value takes into account the effect of thermal de-rating. Inverters were run for five hours at an ambient temperature of 40C without cooling fans at 100% AC power output. PV Powered's inverters continued to attain 96% peak efficiency and with PV Powered's innovative design architecture, absolutely no thermal de-rating occurred. Unlike most of the other inverter manufacturer's, all of PV Powered's StarInverter series use only natural convection cooling, require no additional fans, and did not need to be redesigned to meet these testing requirements.

As renewable energy incentive programs gain momentum nationwide, the CEC is quickly becoming the nationally recognized standard. PV Powered is honored to have several PV grid-tied inverters at the top of the CEC list.

To see complete test results graph for any of the StarInverter line, click the appropriate links below.

CEC PVP 1800 at 120v
CEC PVP 2800 at 208v
CEC PVP 2800 at 240v
CEC PVP 2800-XV at 240v

For more information, see the California Energy Commision (CEC) List of Eligible Inverters

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