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PV Powered Celebrates Earth Day 2006
Bend, Oregon - April 21, 2006

We are PV Powered. We believe in energy conservation, energy conscious building and clean, renewable energy. Although Earth Day comes about only once a year, PV Powered salutes those who are working hard to educate the human race on the life-threatening climate changes and diminishing natural resources on planet Earth. As each year goes by, the issue of global warming becomes an increasingly urgent issue. April 22, 2006, Earth Day, provides an opportunity to raise awareness of this frightening reality. The health and livelihood of our children and their children is in jeopardy if something is not done to reduce our dependence on diminishing resources. Global warming has and will continue to cause severe weather changes, threats to our food and water supplies, rising sea levels, glacier melting, endangerment of plant and animal species and the spread of deadly diseases.

PV Powered is committed to harnessing the power of the sun, a never-ending and incredibly powerful source of power, 93 million miles away. The Earth receives more energy from the sun in an hour than the whole world uses in a year. World energy consumption is projected to increase 59% from 1999 to 2020. We at PV Powered, hope that one day, every house in the United States will have a grid-tied solar system, and that some day in the not so distant future, the World will utilize the power of the sun for their energy needs. Every day, we work towards that goal.

Together - we can make a difference.

Some facts about global warming:
  • It took 125 years to consume the trillion barrels of oil - the world will consume the next trillion in only 30 years.
  • It is predicted that global temperatures in 2100 will be 5.8?C warmer than they were in 1990. This will make the Earth warmer than it has been in 50 million years.
  • Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas linked to climate change) in the atmosphere has increased by 31%.
  • The International Energy Agency estimates that the world will need to invest $16 trillion over the next three decades to maintain and expand energy supply.
  • Agriculture and biodiversity are already being impacted by global warming. 10% of all known plant species are under threat of extinction.
To read more about Earth Day 2006, global warming and what you can do to help please visit these websites:

Official Site of Earth Day

About PV Powered

Founded in 2003 and based in Bend, Oregon, the privately funded company designs, manufactures and markets the solar industry's most efficient photovoltaic solar inverter solutions. With thousands of its products in use nationwide, PV Powered brings together one of the most experienced design teams in solar power electronics.

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