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PV Powered-led team awarded Stage 2 SEGIS grant

Product manager joins the PV Powered team.

PVP260kW Features

  • 97% CEC efficiency
  • Full 260kW production at 265VDC and 50ºC
  • Smart Air Management™ redundant cooling system
  • Includes load rated AC & DC service disconnects
  • Neutral-free installation
  • Large DC subcombiner with multiple fuse options
  • Card cage minimizes interconnections and service time
  • Generous cable bending areas and oversized busbar landings
  • Industry-leading, 10-year nationwide warranty


  • Integrated performance monitoring
  • Revenue-grade meters
  • Sub-combiner monitoring
  • Industry's first 20-year extended warranty

Made in the U.S.A

All PV Powered products are designed and manufactured in the U.S. to meet the needs of the North American market. They are all fully compliant with the Buy American Act and qualify for projects funded by the federal stimulus package.

PV Powered

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Barack Obama"I just had the chance to walk through PV Powered and take a look at the solar technology they're building here. This is truly a workshop of the future."

Barack Obama

Revolutionary New 260kW Commercial Solar Inverters Now Shipping!

The flagship product in PV Powered’s growing family of commercial solar inverters is now available.

ConverterOffering an industry-leading 97% CEC efficiency, the 260kW inverter supports numerous PV array design options. It operates at full name plate power output across the entire input voltage range and advances the MPPT voltage performance barrier with a standard 295VDC input and optional 265VDC minimum tap. The PVP260kW delivers more energy production on a daily basis, across a wider operating temperature range and input voltage than any other product on the market. These extraordinary performance breakthroughs and a 20-year operating life mean more money in customers’ pockets.

The team at PV Powered are real forward thinking leaders and have engineered a commercial inverter platform that is field-proven, installs fast and simply works out of the box every time. We have had great success with their 100kW inverter and are making the new 260kW inverter the building block for our multi-megawatt systems moving forward.

–Sean Angelini, Solar Energy Division Manager of Ray Angelini Incorporated (RAI).

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PV Powered-led team awarded Stage 2 SEGIS grant for developing innovations to ensure high grid-penetration of PV.

US Department of Energy award recognizes strength of PV Powered-led team and the company’s position as a grid-tied PV inverter innovator

PV Powered has been selected to lead the largest of five projects making up the second phase of the $24 million Solar Energy Grid Integration System (SEGIS) program developed by the U.S. Department of Energy and contract manager, Sandia National Laboratories. The SEGIS program is designed to encourage the development of new technologies and products that help solar energy systems become cost-competitive with conventional forms of electricity, significantly accelerating the penetration of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems into American utility grids by 2015. The projects selected for phase 2 of the program focus on grid interconnections that work optimally with the full range of emerging solar modules, achieve reliability and resiliency, reduce costs, integrate controls for energy storage systems, and allow two-way "smart" communications between the solar power systems and the electric utilities.

The smart grid has the potential to be more responsive, reliable, integrated and efficient than the traditional power grid when distributed generation sources like PV are tightly integrated from the start. The synergy of our team, technology companies working with utility companies fueled by government programs and consumer demands, ensures we will have the technology for supporting utility requirements of the future.
– Steve Hummel, vice president of engineering at PV Powered

The PV Powered-led team includes recognized distributed energy and smart grid leaders Portland General Electric, Northern Plains Power Technologies, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, and Sensus.

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Experienced solar industry product manager joins the PV Powered team.

Brian Thomas

PV Powered is pleased to announce the addition of Bryan Thomas as product manager for residential inverter systems and data monitoring.

Mr. Thomas has been in the solar power industry since 2004, most recently as senior product manager for Outback Power Systems, where he was responsible for directing the development of next generation power electronics and communication products for the off-grid and grid-tie markets. “Bryan has a strong track record of innovation in the inverter and data monitoring fields. PV Powered is fortunate to add his high-caliber talent to our fast growing team,” said Tucker Ruberti, director of product management.