New Management, New Products, New Vision...

The New PV Powered

With annual growth of over 150%, PV Powered has set its sights on a new solar future and has put a new team in place to take it there. Leading the team is Gregg Patterson, CEO and Chairman of the Board. A 22-year veteran of Hewlett-Packard Corp., Gregg was most recently a Vice President and General Manager at HP. Over his career at HP, he held numerous executive positions spanning worldwide manufacturing, R&D, and general management, leading businesses with annual revenues in excess of $1B in both the enterprise and consumer market segments.

Gregg Patterson

Gregg Patterson, CEO
Chairman of the Board

“The PV Powered engineering team has produced the highest efficiency inverters on the market today,” says Patterson. “But it will take more than just hitting high CEC efficiency numbers. Our mission is to deliver highest efficiency while quickly becoming the industry leader in reliability and support. The success of our business hinges on assisting our dealers and installers to be successful in this dynamic market,” adds Patterson. “We are committed to help the folks on the front lines who design and install our systems be successful by ensuring that they get consistently superior service and support from our company in addition to highly reliable products.”

Other new members of the PV Powered management team are Erick Petersen, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development; Jim Morgenson, Vice President of Sales; and Dr. Steve Hummel, Vice President of Engineering. In addition to the executive team, PV Powered has been rapidly expanding its customer service and sales capabilities to provide unparalleled support for our rapidly expanding distribution network.

PV Powered 30kW Commercial Inverter Maximizes Solar Energy Harvest


The new PVP30kW inverter sets the industry standard for reliability, low lifetime cost of ownership and ease of installation. It also has achieved a market-leading 94% CEC efficiency rating with a peak efficiency of >95%. These achievements, plus built-in data monitoring and a modular design that is easy to install and service, makes the PVP30kW the perfect choice for commercial PV projects up to 150 kW.

Built-In Reliability

The PVP30kW’s high-reliability design is based on the field-proven architecture which is the basis of all inverters shipped by PV Powered since 2003. This integrated architecture enables the PVP30kW to provide superior performance using one- third the number of parts of comparable commercial inverters. Fewer parts means fewer connections and fewer failure points. Reliability is further enhanced by the use of best in class components such as a fifth generation application specific integrated power module, film capacitors, custom designed 98% efficient Energy Star™-rated transformer, and a medical grade internal power supply to protect sensitive electronics. The PVP30kW underwent over a year of independent testing at Sandia National Laboratory (SNL). According to Sigifredo Gonzalez of SNL, “The PV Powered 30kW inverter has been operating flawlessly since the initial week of testing.” Additionally, PV Powered has completed more than 10 months of beta testing to ensure it exceeds expectations for commercial inverters. Our attention to detail and thorough testing directly lead to lowest cost of ownership for the user. The PVP30kW is also backed by a nationwide 10-year warranty, with an option for an extended 15- and 20-year warranty.

“The PV Powered 30kW inverter has been operating flawlessly since the initial week of testing.”
—Sigifredo Gonzalez, Sandia National Laboratory.

PVP30kW Features:

  • Industry leading 94% CEC efficiency
  • Field-proven architecture
  • 10-year warranty standard nationwide
  • Field configurable 208V or 480 V AC
  • + and – grounded options available
  • Integrated AC & DC load rated disconnects
  • NABCEP-certified field service
  • Web-based data monitoring included
Inverter Features

Maximum energy harvest yields lowest total installed cost, the ultimate goal of commercial PV projects. The PVP30kW includes features that assure each system captures as much electricity as possible including: night time disconnect for reduced tare losses, a soft start circuit which gently connects the inverter to the grid and eliminates nuisance faults, integrated web-based performance monitoring at no extra cost to help identify and solve problems quickly and easily, and a proprietary MPPT algorithm that squeezes out maximum power throughout the day. The inverter is also available in versions supporting positive and negative grounded modules.

Ease of Installation and Quality Support

Without great service no product is complete. PV Powered is focused on being the company of choice for commercial inverter installers and system designers by making it easy to work with us from start to finish. Installation is simplified by integrated load rated AC & DC disconnects, field configurable 208V and 480V AC output and an elegant design that weighs far less than comparable inverters. Our NABCEP-certified field service team is strategically distributed in key markets to provide fast onsite support and design assistance and our documentation package is second to none to enable rapid applications and project approvals. The modular design is laid out to be quickly and easily serviced. And if there ever is a problem our installers are covered by our industry-leading installer reimbursement program.

PV Powered Takes the Show on the Road

PVP RoadshowPVP RoadshowPVP Roadshow

PV Powered is focused on helping our installers build their business. To give you a first hand look at the simplicity of our technology and product platform, we’re taking a new rolling product demo center on the road. It features our latest high-efficiency residential inverters, new 30kW commercial inverter, and our performance monitoring system. This hands-on demo center provides an opportunity to see why PV Powered products are better, up close and personal.

“PV Powered makes the extra effort. They brought their mobile showroom right to our parking lot and introduced their entire range of new products to our installers and dealers. They’re making our sales job much easier.”
—Daniel Marino, VP Sales & Marketing, DC Power Systems.

To arrange for the PV Powered traveling demo center to visit your location, call Mike Koblegarde at 877-312-3832 or email

PV Powered Web-based Performance Monitoring

Performance monitoring

The PVM1010 performance monitoring system helps installers and system owners monitor and evaluate the performance of their PV systems. It continuously monitors PV Powered inverters and displays current and historical data in an easy-to-read format to check performance and help ensure maximum energy harvest. Using this data to regularly analyze system trends can help owners and installers develop maintenance and servicing schedules and quickly spot any performance issues.

The PVM1010 UL-Listed data interface module can be easily installed inside the enclosure of the inverter by any PV Powered-authorized installer, providing a direct connection to the unit as well as protection from the elements. The module then plugs into the owner’s existing Internet connection via a standard CAT5 network cable and transmits system data to a secure server.

Information from the data module can easily be accessed from any web-connected computer through a secure login to It is also available to performance monitoring and reporting services (PMRS) for the generation of certified performance reports and a UDP open protocol communications interface allows extraction of information directly from the data module.

“PV Powered performance monitoring is a powerful tool to help us support our customers.”
—Bruce Blake, President of Power House Solar.

Easy-to-read reports, diagnostic performance charts and a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on help owners and installers understand and manage their PV system. provides a wealth of information to help owners and installers ensure their system is operating at optimum performance and connects to PV Powered’s expert technicians who provide a quick response to questions or can dispatch a local service technician.

More Reliable Solar? It’s well . . . Simple.

PV Powered Inverter

PV Powered inverters: Simple by design

A primary cause of grid-tied inverter failure is internal energy surges caused by the variable nature of the input and output power streams to which the inverter is connected. Solar input fluctuates widely with environmental factors such as cloud cover with the power available potentially swinging from maximum to minimum input with a single cloud. On the output side, the power grid experiences frequent voltage variations due to changes in power consumption. Repeated surges stress sensitive electronics, eventually finding the weak point and causing a component failure.

PV Powered inverters offer a simple, three-pronged solution to long-term reliable operation: use a highly-integrated, proven architecture; keep failure points to a minimum; and use the highest quality components.

Simple, proven architecture—All PV Powered inverters, large and small, residential and commercial, are based on the same simple, scalable, modular architecture and have passed Underwriter Laboratories’ most rigorous test standards. Experience gained from one inverter model is applied to the design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance process of others up and down the power scale.

Minimal failure points—The more circuit boards and discrete components, the higher the risk of failure over time. By having significantly fewer and highly integrated components compared to hundreds of discrete components used in other inverter brands, PV Powered diminishes potential component-level failures right at the source. In addition, our single-conversion design is more efficient and focuses power fluctuations through a single load point where a robust surge protection circuit safeguards the rest of the system.

Highest quality components—Fewer components means that those used can be of a much higher quality. All PV Powered inverters incorporate Application-Specific Integrated Power Modules (ASIPMs) with self-protecting, fifth-generation insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) silicon components and built-in fault protection for over-current and over-voltage surges. The new PVP30kW commercial inverter extends the use of exceptional-quality components with long-life, film-type capacitors; and even a medical-grade DC power supply to provide clean, reliable power to system control components.

So, when you’re choosing the right inverter for your next installation, consider the power fluctuations that threaten system reliability and your reputation then remember the layers of protection PV Powered designs into each system we make. Reliable products you can count on. It’s simple.

PV Powered Commitment to Quality

Nationwide 10-Year Warranty

SealWhile other inverter manufacturers only offer a 10-year warranty in those markets where incentive programs require it, PV Powered is so confident in the quality and reliability of our products that our 10-year warranty is standard, NATIONWIDE, and has been since day one. So whether you’re catching rays in California, sunning in the Southwest, or basking in Boston, with PV Powered products you’re covered.

New $400 Installer Reimbursement Program

At PV Powered, we recognize that even the industry’s most reliable products may occasionally require a service call and that there is a cost for installers to handle a warranty repair or replacement. With that in mind, we now offer the best installer reimbursement program in the industry. If you have to replace a PV Powered inverter we will make sure that you are well compensated. For more information on our new $400 installer reimbursement program visit


BendFounded in 2003 and based in Bend, Oregon, PV Powered is a leading manufacturer of solar power inverter technology. Designed for highest reliability and manufactured in the U.S.A., PV Powered products are UL Listed, and have the highest efficiency ratings in the solar market today. With thousands of its products in use nationwide, PV Powered combines one of the most experienced design teams in solar power electronics with a commitment to superior service and support.

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