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PCBC 2008
June 25 - 27, 2008
Moscone Center
San Francisco, California
Booth #7706

Intersolar North America
July 15-16, 2008
Moscone Center
San Francisco, California
Booth #9726

Solar Power 2008
Oct. 13 - 16, 2008
San Diego, California
Booth #707


Senator Barack Obama

PV Powered was honored to have Senator and Democratic presidential candidate, Barack Obama, visit our facilities while campaigning in Oregon on May 10th. During his visit, Senator Obama met with PV Powered management and employees, toured the company’s manufacturing, engineering, and test facilities and learned about PV Powered’s industry-leading residential and commercial solar inverters.

In a press conference held at PV Powered, he delivered a strongly supportive speech on current and future renewable energy issues, referring to PV Powered as “a workshop of the future.”

"Places like [PV Powered] are part of the reason Oregon is such a leader in clean energy and this is an election where we have a chance to finally have a President that shows the same kind of leadership.”
–Senator Barack Obama

Gregg Patterson, CEO of PV Powered, thanked Senator Obama for his leadership and encouraged him to support the extension and expansion of the Federal ITC in order to maintain the economic momentum and job growth of U.S. solar companies. Commenting on the visit, Patterson said, “He was incredibly warm, very genuine, sincere, and engaging. He was deeply interested in the challenges and opportunities around renewable energy and what our experiences have been.”


Revolutionary New 75kW and 100kW Commercial Solar Inverters Now Shipping!

New 75kW and 100kW Commercial Solar Inverters Now Shipping!First customer shipments of the industry’s first inverter with a 20-plus year design life were made in April. With 96% CEC efficiency and array of new, market-leading, reliability features, the PVP100kW and PVP75kW have recalibrated industry expectations for service life and overall cost of ownership, significantly increasing the system owner’s long-term return on investment from their solar installation.

“Our commitment is to redefine how the solar industry thinks about reliability and overall cost of ownership,” explained Gregg Patterson, PV Powered CEO. “By designing products like our new 75kW and 100kW commercial inverters to deliver dramatic uptime improvements, and by leading the industry in making systems easy to install and support, PV Powered will be a fundamental catalyst for industry growth.”

  • · 96% CEC efficiency
  • · Widest MPPT voltage range (295 - 600V)
  • · Load-rated AC & DC disconnects
  • · 208 & 480 volt models
  • · FCC Class A and B approved*
  • · The industry’s only 20-year warranty option

The revolutionary design of these new products puts reliability first with a focused effort to design-in reliability for the long haul. PV Powered’s design strategy is to minimize or eliminate long-term failure points. While other inverter manufacturers are satisfied with testing to screen short term failures, those techniques don’t assure a 20-plus year operating life. We require reliability data from every component supplier, and couple that with extensive testing and modeling, to validate the long-term reliability of our products.

Listening to installers, the design of the PVP100kW and PVP75kW offers the lowest standard MPPT voltage and widest standard operating range of any three-phase inverter in the industry. This provides exceptional stringing capability with all PV modules on the market, including the new thin film modules. An ultra-clean layout offers a front access design with bottom, top and side cable entry options, generous cable bending area, oversized cable landings, and exterior mounting flanges for fast and easy anchoring. With a complete range of fused DC sub-combiner options, these units have set the new benchmark for installability.

"After 14 years in the PV industry, RTI has installed nearly every brand of solar inverter. Over the last two years we have shared insights from our extensive installation experience with the PV Powered engineering team and they have listened. The design of the new 75/100kW inverter addresses all of our reliability, ease of installation and maintenance requirements so well that I bought their very first inverter… with five more to follow.”
–Darryl Conklin, President/CEO Renewable Technologies, Inc. (RTI)


With maintainability designed in, all maintenance and service is performed via front access. Load-rated AC and DC service disconnects, tool-free circuit board cage, high capacity air filters and optional preventative maintenance program make the new PVP100kW and PVP75kW the easy choice for the long haul. Built-in performance monitoring enables users and installers to observe the inverter’s power output status and history any time, over the Internet.

The warranty options are unbeatable. All PV Powered commercial inverters come with our standard nationwide 10-year warranty and an option for the industry’s ONLY 20-year extended warranty, assuring owners, investors, and installers years of reliable solar energy.

The PVP75kW and PVP100kW are now available for immediate delivery. Contact your distributor or PV Powered representative today or see for more information.

*FCC Class A for conducted, FCC Class B for radiated

New Low Power Residential Solar Inverters

New Low Power Residential Solar InvertersPV Powered is now shipping new residential inverters specially designed to provide maximum energy harvest for smaller PV installations. With significant configuration flexibility, industry-leading reliability and easy jobsite installation, the PVP1100, PVP2000, and PVP3000 are ideally suited to the dynamic residential solar market.

An industry first, PV Powered is offering these new products in two different voltage ranges to best fit the needs of a wide variety of installations. The Extended Voltage Range (115-500VDC) products offer the industry’s lowest MPPT voltage and are the ideal choice for integration with next generation low voltage and building-integrated (BIPV) modules. The Standard Voltage Range (150-500VDC) versions are optimized for traditional solar modules. Together, the entire product line leads the industry by offering the most design configurations across the widest range of PV modules.

These products are ideal for integrating solar power generation into new and existing homes and, with proper planning, allow homeowners to expand their PV systems over time. To monitor each system, units are available with or without a built-in multifunction display. They also offer optional performance monitoring which provides access to current and historical system performance data through a customized online interface.

"Our new line of low power inverters gives both the retrofit and new home construction markets the widest range of alternatives, in particular, our new entry level 1100 watt inverter will enable a wide range of smaller systems that our customers have been requesting. The numerous configurations made possible by these new products, combined with the high reliability that PV Powered is known for, make solar an outstanding long-term investment for our customers.”
Erick Petersen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, PV Powered

Production shipments of the PVP1100, PVP2000, and PVP3000 began in April. They are backed by an industry-leading 10-year nationwide warranty.

Introducing the Industry’s Only 20-Year Extended Warranty

20-Year Extended WarrantyPV Powered has developed the industry’s most reliable commercial inverters and to prove it we are offering an unprecedented 20-year extended warranty. For just an additional 20% of the original purchase price you can extend your standard 10-year warranty to a full 20 years. We are able to make this offer because we have developed our commercial inverters with a focus on reliability that is usually reserved for industries like aerospace and telecom.

We started with a clean sheet of paper and made every design choice and component selection based on the requirement to enable 20+ years of high reliability service. Then we analyzed the results using advanced modeling tools and validated the models in the laboratory. We continued iterating this process until we knew we had designed the longest life and lowest lifetime cost commercial inverter on the market today.

Ask for the 20/20 Warranty the next time you buy a commercial inverter and visit for more information.

American Idol Goes Green with PV Powered

Make MoreWhen FOX television decided to rely on renewable power for their two-night American Idol finale at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, they called on E-Village, a PV Powered installer, who installed a PVP2500 residential inverter as part of a solar PV system that powered the media arrivals area. The program was broadcast live on May 20th and 21st to nearly 32 million television viewers. After the show, the PV system was donated to the Camino Nuevo Charter Academy in Los Angeles as part of the Bonneville Environmental Foundation’s “Solar 4R Schools” program to be used with an educational curriculum that delivers hands-on experience with solar systems to students, parents, educators, utilities, installers, and municipalities.

"What better opportunity to attract attention to the solar industry than the finals of American Idol. Without PV Powered’s support this would not have happened!”
–Mark Suacci, President, E-Village, Inc.

PV Powered Receives Oregon Solar Pioneer Award

PV Powered Receives Oregon Solar Pioneer AwardEach year, the Oregon Department of Energy recognizes an individual or company that has been a pioneer in the development of Oregon’s solar industry. PV Powered was honored to receive the 2008 Oregon Solar Pioneer Award during the 3rd Annual Northwest Solar Expo event in April.

“PV Powered is one of the few U.S. companies to successfully challenge the dominance of foreign solar inverter manufacturers and help to build the U.S. renewable energy market,” said Christopher Dymond, Senior Energy Analyst for the Oregon Department of Energy. “Oregon is committed to being a leader in renewable energy and PV Powered is integral to that vision.”

In the past two years, PV Powered has grown from just over 20 employees to nearly 60, with plans to reach 100 by early 2009. In the past year, the company has expanded its product line and received certification on 10 new inverters, including new products for both residential and three-phase commercial installations.

“PV Powered has hired the best and the brightest from within the solar industry and leading high tech companies, locally and from around the nation. This expertise is being leveraged to realize the company’s commitment to designing the most reliable inverters in the industry,” Dymond explained. “Oregon is privileged to count PV Powered among its growing ranks of solar manufacturers. “

Meet the PV Powered Manufacturing Leadership Team

PV Powered Manufacturing Leadership Team
From L to R: Quality Manager Shawn Armstrong, Matt Grimes, Jeremy Redlinger, Dan McDonald, Jennie Bartosek, Joe Hite, Jody Powell, Johnny Carrick, Maitri Honeyman, Director of Operations Garrett Wilson, and VP of Manufacturing Yong Park.

A critical element of PV Powered’s company culture is our commitment to continuous improvement.

For our manufacturing team this means daily fine tuning of processes for assembling an inverter to the highest quality standards using lean manufacturing methods that minimize waste of time and resources. The team’s implementation of customary lean principles including pull-processing, visual controls, and exceptional relationships with suppliers creates a comprehensive program for building everything from 1100-watt residential units to 100kW commercial units. Being engineered and built in the US enables the highest level of flexibility to produce a variety of different inverters in the same day.

Regardless of the size of a purchase order, this team can respond ‘just-in-time’ to build and ship hundreds of inverters on an asneeded basis while maintaining the industry’s shortest lead time. This is a natural extension of the lean flow of the entire company, developing processes based on customer needs and ensuring the integrity carried throughout PV Powered is in every product shipped.

Welcome Ed Sears to PV Powered Field Service

Make MorePV Powered is pleased to welcome Ed Sears as Field Service Manager. Ed has been providing field service and training as well as managing service organizations for a range of companies in the commercial renewable energy business for over 20 years. Applying this expertise, Ed will ensure that PV Powered’s field service team offers the best field service and support in the industry.

"We’re thrilled to have Ed leading our field service team. His experience, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction are a great fit with our commitment to reliability and to the development of long-term relationships with our customers and installers.”
–Glenn Harris, PV Powered President


PV Powered Product Line Comparison Chart Now Available

To help PV Powered resellers, distributors, and customers identify the best PV Powered inverter for their needs, a product comparison poster is now available. This attractive poster details important specifications for all current PV Powered residential and commercial inverters on one easy-to-read-and-compare sheet.

Click here to download the poster as a PDF file